Melbourne Underwater Rugby was started in 2017 and aims to provide a fun and competitve environment for people looking for a challenge to try something new.


Hold Your Breath

We have learnt Air is overated. The secret is to be confident and fearless in the water and share your oxygen with your team.

Our Mission

To provide a new generation adrenaline rush to the people of Melbourne through Underwater Rugby. Our club provides a type of training that not only helps it members develop underwater rugby skills but also aims to improve members water confidence and self esteem.

The team is doing 25m slow underwater swim.

The team is doing 25m slow underwater swim.

Increase Lung capacity

It is well known that swimming has the ability to increase an athletes lung capacity. Underwater rugby uses the benefits of aerobic exercise in swimming whilst also improving participants ability to tolerate carbon dioxide and lactic acid build up in the blood from breath holding as well as increase oxygen efficiency within the body.

1 v 1 Attacking and Defending drill

1 v 1 Attacking and Defending drill

improve ball , Attack and Defence skills

Melbourne underwater rugby defence & attack training



Fitness training is an essential part of underwater rugby as it improves overall condition whilst stretching ensures flexibility to use that strength. Prior to the water session there is a 30 minute crossfit session using body weight, resistance training and light weights next to the pool. The purpose of this is to gain full use of the muscles being worked and to use them in the water during drills and games. Cool down and stretching is the last step of training to give the muscles time to recover after the session and to reduce pain and injuries.


Stretching not only improves flexibility but prevents injury