Confidence in Deep Water

Melbourne Underwater Rugby’s mission is to make our players fearless and confident in the water. Beginners start training in a 3m pool and as their confidence improves the training is moved to a 5m pool. Water confidence is improved by both mental and physical preparation. The brain needs to be trained to be calm in deep water as this is often the limiting factor to how long you can stay underwater. Then comes the physcial preparation of increasing lung capacity and cardiovascular fitness that is enhanced over consistent training.

Melbourne Underwater Rugby works with coaches with years of experience not only in underwater rugby but also professional swimming with a passion for improving people’s water confidence.


Enjoy underwater life

Players use a dive mask, snorkel and fins - this equipment supports our ability to be confident, fast and relaxed in the water. In the water the direction of movement is limitless, from up and down, side to side and back and forward, making this a truly 3D experience. The freedom of movement makes it feel like you’re flying in space.


H2O - water person

Water is a odorless, tasteless, transparent and nearly colorless… If you are feeling angry, anxious, stressed at work, welcome to the underwater rugby.


Our target

Melbourne Underwater Rugby use special drills

MUWR players digging deep walking 200m with 10kg at the bottom of the 5 metre dive pool, always striving for that next level. Get out of your comfort zone and get more out of your mind and body! Are you ready to challenge yourself?

This is an underwater rugby drill of the training. Melbourne underwater rugby team based in Melbourne / Australia.