Underwater Rugby in Melbourne

Melbourne underwater rugby offers you this amazing experince. If you are a water person, love extreme sports or looking for a new challenge, Underwater Rugby might be your dream sport that will enhance your every day life, making you a stronger individual mentally and physically. Underwater rugby players come from all walks of life, all genders and sizes. A lot of underwater rugby players believe that playing this sport makes them better at their job and their daily life. The reason? Being in the water is known to have many benefits to mental health, playing a contact sport gives individuals an opportunity to release stress in the water and then live their daily lives more mindful and focussed. Underwater rugby players find great growth in their self esteem from playing this sport through physical contact with other people and building a team spirit like no other. You become more connected to people through non verbal cues, because you can’t speak underwater…

Underwate rugby is a new adrenaline rush in Melbourne. Are you ready to do something extreme? Play underwater rugby with MUWR!

Follow the kangaroo to find out more

Follow the kangaroo to find out more

Our drills will make you fearless in the water!

Our drills will make you fearless in the water!

Melbourne Underwater Rugby have been working on the use of specialised equipment for UWR. The point of this apparatus is to simulate a game situation during training and improve athletes skills and power.

Melbourne Underwater Rugby Team’s New War Cry in Sydney Tournament

Melbourne Underwater Rugby was created in the latter half of 2017. It holds trainings at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. Our coach is Cansin Artun Ors who has created a fun and competitve vibe to learn this incredible sport.

The Goal Of The Week by Lachlan Dowell. Tom gives feedback for beginners:

Every MUWR training starts with a briefing - about the sport, about setting our intention for training and outlining our goals. After warming up our mind its time to warm up our body and let go of the stress of the day with a land stretching session. Then, the fun starts! Time to jump in the water! Pumped for the 2019 season!


Melbourne Underwater Rugby attended the Australian Nationals for the first time.

Candice watching the game closely after her shoulder injured in the first half.